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Other Physical Therapy Treatments

Renew Wellness offers a variety of treatments that are centered around movement and functionality. These treatments are often combined with some of our progressive therapy treatments like dry needling, cupping, or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy takes a hands-on approach to physical therapy. This type of treatment is used to activate muscles and joints, regain mobility and promote healing. Manual therapy can be used to treat specific conditions like back pain or shoulder pain, but can also be used in preventative care and performance training sessions.

Hyperice Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy is a technique that applies rapid and repetitive pressure on specific body parts. The most common tool used by Renew Wellness physiotherapists is a Hypervolt massage gun. Percussion therapy is used to reduce muscle pain, improve range of motion, and accelerate recovery. It is great for people with deep knots in their muscles and fascia.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy is used to treat acute or chronic pain. Wavelengths of light penetrate through multiple layers of skin to reach muscles and nerves. This treatment can improve blood circulation, which promotes faster healing of deep tissues and provides pain relief.


Cryotherapy uses ice application to treat injuries, typically in the early stages of treatment. It’s a simple and effective way to provide pain relief and reduce swelling in a variety of tissue and muscle injuries. Cryotherapy treatment may include ice packs or ice massages.



Iontophoresis is a type of electrical stimulation used by physiotherapists to push anti-inflammatory medicine into the injured tissues. Iontophoresis is most commonly used to treat scar tissue, swelling and inflammation, and other conditions depending on the medicine used with it. 

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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping (also known as KT taping) is a technique frequently utilized in physical therapy to support and enhance the body's natural healing processes. This method involves applying a special elastic tape to the skin over muscles, joints, or other target areas. It is is designed to provide support and stability to injured or strained areas while still allowing for a full range of motion. Kinesio taping can help reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle tension, making it a valuable tool for physiotherapists in aiding their patients' recovery and promoting optimal movement patterns.

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Foam Rolling Instruction

Physiotherapists provide guidance on using a foam roller to perform self-myofascial release techniques. These instructions typically include specific muscle groups to target, the appropriate body positioning on the roller, and recommended rolling techniques to alleviate muscle tension and improve flexibility.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that focuses on assessing and treating musculoskeletal issues related to the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for supporting the pelvic organs and control functions like bladder and bowel movements. Through targeted exercises, manual techniques, and education, physiotherapists can help individuals address conditions like urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction, improving their overall pelvic health and quality of life.


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Physiotherapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and movement dysfunctions causing pain or limiting gains due to muscle imbalances, flexibility, or even mobility issues. Physiotherapy is being provided only by licensed physical therapists or physiotherapists.

Anything and everything! Acute pains, chronic nagging pains, acute sprains and strains, muscle spasms, headaches, TMJ, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, sciatica, and post-surgical operations.

Each session of physiotherapy is 45 minutes of one-on-one treatment through insurance with one of our licensed physiotherapists. We also offer one on one 20 minute recovery sessions at an out of pocket charge, but still with our licensed physiotherapists.

Make an appointment onlinevisit a clinic and talk to one of our physiotherapists on site, call 919-791-6678, or email info@renewphysiotherapy.fit

It will depend on your health insurance. We accept ALL insurances but payment for each session will depend on your individual insurance plan. We also accept out of pocket payments.