Preventative Care Services

Why Preventative Care is for you

Stay healthy while active

Preventative Care and Maintenance are two of the key components to staying healthy while active. Whether you have had an injury in the past or are looking to prevent one from occurring, a proactive visit can reveal the muscle imbalances and poor movement patterns that can lead to pain, injury, or reoccurrence.

Our goal is to help you Move Better, Feel Better, and Perform Better. With our modern approach to physical therapy that is centered around movement and functionality, we want to improve your quality of life as well as your sense of wellbeing. 

Preventative Care & Maintenance Sessions

Preventative Care and Maintenance sessions are 45 minutes of true 1-on-1 patient care. These sessions can be tailored to past injury management or injury prevention. A proactive visit with a physical therapist can reveal inefficient movement patterns that may lead to pain, injury or other issues in the future.

How Renew Can Help:

Renew Wellness - preventative care and maintenance sessions

Build endurance

Endurance is a key component to staying healthy and active—whether you're an athlete looking to improve your performance or just someone who wants to be able to keep up with their daily activities.

Renew Wellness - preventative care and maintenance sessions

Increase balance

Your physiotherapist can teach you exercises that will help improve your balance for muscle control and fall prevention. This preventative approach can help counteract the natural loss of muscle control and balance that happens as we age.

Renew Wellness - preventative care and maintenance sessions

Build strength

Preventative care sessions can help strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and other potential problem areas before they become painful. Your physiotherapist can help you achieve your unique wellness goals—whether you're looking to lift heavier, improve your posture or keep up with your daily routine.

Renew Wellness - preventative care and maintenance sessions

Improve overall movement

Movement is an essential component of your daily life, and it's crucial to maintain mobility and flexibility as you age. Your physiotherapist can help you improve your overall movement through personalized exercise programs that target your specific needs and goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Preventative care is a type of physical therapy that focuses on identifying and addressing potential musculoskeletal issues before they develop into more serious conditions or injuries. It aims to reach optimal health, function, and performance while reducing the risk of future injuries or limitations.

Preventative care starts with an initial evaluation of an individual’s musculoskeletal system to identify possible imbalances, weaknesses, or restricted movements that may lead to injuries. Based on the evaluation, the physical therapist creates a personalized treatment plan consisting of exercises, stretches, active recovery, and other therapeutic techniques to address these issues and enhance the body's resilience.

Anyone can benefit from preventative physical therapy regardless of age or level of physical activity. It is particularly beneficial for those who engage in physically demanding activities, have a history of injuries, or are at a higher risk of developing certain conditions.

The main goals of preventative physical therapy are to prevent injury, enhance your performance, and improve your overall health. By addressing underlying issues, improving biomechanics, and strengthening weakened areas, this approach helps individuals maintain a higher level of function, prevent future injuries, and potentially avoid or delay the need for more serious treatments.

Each preventative care session is 45 minutes long. The number of sessions depends on each individual's goals and needs. Some individuals may only require a few sessions to address minor imbalances or receive education on injury prevention techniques. Others may benefit from ongoing sessions to develop strength, flexibility, and overall physical resilience.