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Why Performance Training is for you

Enhance your performance

Better prepare your body for greater fitness in general or specific to a sport with performance training. The focus is to enhance your performance by using the latest advancements in science, biomechanics and kinesiology to develop specific strength, conditioning and flexibility program that improves your physical ability overall. These sessions are crafted to cater to individual goals and needs, whether it's enhancing athletic prowess, recovering from an injury or simply boosting overall fitness levels. 

Sample Programs

Performance training sessions involve specialized workouts and exercises aimed at improving strength, agility, endurance and overall physical performance. By combining targeted exercises, functional movements, and tailored strategies, our performance training sessions provide a holistic approach to maximizing performance potential. 


Running Analysis

A full assessment is conducted to analyze an individual's running technique and biomechanics. It involves a series of tests designed to identify any potential issues or abnormalities in the way a person runs. The individual is typically observed running on a treadmill, while measurements are taken.

The ultimate goal is to pinpoint any inefficiencies or imbalances that may lead to injuries or hinder performance, to then create a plan with personalized corrective exercises, footwear modifications, or training adjustments to optimize the individual's running mechanics and overall running experience.


Blood Flow Restriction Training

This is a new technique that involves placing tight bands around your arm or leg to partially restrict blood flow to the muscles during exercise. This leads to a temporary reduction in oxygen supply, creating a unique physiological response that stimulates muscle growth and strength development.

BFR training allows individuals to achieve significant muscle gains with lighter weights, making it a time-efficient and effective method for building muscle mass and improving muscle endurance. BFR Training is ideal for those who are unable to perform traditional weight-bearing exercises.


Golf Performance Program

This program is designed to enhance golfers' overall performance and prevent potential injuries. Physiotherapists conduct thorough assessments to identify individual limitations, weaknesses and imbalances that may affect a golfer's game. 

The program aims to improve flexibility, strength, stability and coordination through a combination of exercises, manual therapy and sport-specific training. The physiotherapist also educates golfers on proper body mechanics and injury prevention techniques, helping them maintain a healthier and more efficient game on the golf course.

aclprevention (1)

ACL Prevention Program

This program is a proactive approach aimed at reducing the risk of ACL injuries in athletes and active individuals. The physiotherapist uses targeted exercises, plyometrics, balance training, and neuromuscular drills to strengthen the lower extremities, improve joint stability, and enhance proprioceptive awareness. 

Through personalized plans, individuals learn proper movement patterns and techniques to minimize stress on the ACL during sports activities, creating a safer and more confident athletic experience. Individuals are empowered to optimize their performance and longevity in their chosen physical activity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Performance training is beneficial for athletes of all levels, individuals looking to improve their fitness, and those recovering from injuries seeking to regain strength and mobility. It's tailored to meet individual goals and needs.

Performance Training Sessions are 20 minutes and are not covered by insurance. Regular sessions are 45 minutes and are typically covered by insurance.

No! performance training is suitable for everyone, regardless of their athletic background. Our programs are customized to accommodate various fitness levels and goals.

Yes! Our professional Physiotherapists are experienced in working with individuals recovering from injuries. They will tailor a program that takes your medical history and current condition into account to ensure safe and effective training.

The number of sessions depends on your goals, schedule, and current fitness level. Our Physiotherapists will recommend a suitable training frequency to ensure progress while allowing adequate recovery.

No. In the states of North Carolina and South Carolina, you do not need a doctor referral to see a physical therapist.